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My name is Andy Hansen and I'm Ketodrunk!

What do you know about ketones?  I started drinking them a few months ago when I heard they could help with my knee, back, and wrist pain from inflammation.  That was the best decision of my life!! Not only did my inflammation go away, but I discovered how much ketones positively affect my body!

For the first time in a long time, I'm sleeping better, have more focus, and am happier than I've been in a long time.  Not only that, but I feel ten years younger!  I have the energy to do my job, spend time with my family, take care of my home, and be active again.  As an added bonus, I lost fifteen pounds of fat!  Who doesn't want that?

Drinking Keto//OS has changed my life and my family's life.  When I noticed all the positive changes, I immediately got my family drinking it as well. Now I just want to tell everyone about it because I've seen lives changed for the better.  You can read my Mom's testimonial below.  I'll be sharing other life-changing stories as well because that's how powerful Keto//OS is.

I'm Ketodrunk because I'm high on life and drunk on ketones.  You can be too!  Drinking Keto//OS will change your life.  All you have to do is be ready!

I'm Ready To Change My Life


Currently, there are four drink flavors and one coffee creame

-Highest scale of appetite control
-Has MCT for healthy fat derived            from coconut oil
-Gluten free
-110 Calories

-No added fats-No MCT
-Medium scale of appetite control
-Added prebiotics and Probiotics for     optimal gut health
-56 calories

-No added fats
-Medium to high scale appetite control
-Raises ketone levels faster, higher and for longer
-41 Calories

-Not Available

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-Fat Loss
-Mental Clarity
-High Energy
-Less Hunger
-Reduced Inflammation
-Improved Sleep
-Reduced Chronic Fatigue
-Improved Muscle Strength
-Improves Gut Health and IBS
-Improves Skin and Nails
-Improves Hypoglycemia

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"I have enjoyed drinking all the flavors of KETO//OS for 1 month now. I am 67 years old with many health issues especially those involving inflammation Diabetes, Kidney Disease, water retention, high blood pressure, etc. I timed my doctor's appointment and labs with my month end anniversary drinking Keto//OS. My numbers were incredible to me! My favorite comparison is GFR (kidney production) went from 30 in February, 34 in March and now is at 48. GFR at my age should be 60 or greater.

As good as that is I love how I feel! Much more energy, my cravings are gone, I not only sleep well I wake up rested! I only lost 1 pound this month but I did loose 4 inches. I have suffered with inflammation for years and even though I had been on water pills they never did anything for the swelling around my ankles. I haven't taken that medication now for a year but the swelling is gone! I can tell that my fat is disappearing in places I never expected, such as, where my collar bone and my neck meet. It seems so crazy but I am loving it!"--Mickie May Hansen


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What Can I eat?

I get a lot of questions about recommended foods to eat if you're following the keto diet.  This chart is really helpful.


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